Shorty On The Block

Every time I get some film back, I fall in love all over again. Thanks to @thesilentshooter for capturing, ME. 


Woke up in a blue dream. Energy feeling so elevated. Things coming into play.. negativity going away. I ain’t ever coming down. It took me forever to remain on my cloud. & it’s nice up here. Living life with no fear. Judgement in the ear & out my other. Cloud9, Blue Dream.. 

Self portraits shot by me. Film / digital.  

We Are Cultivator / Nike

So as some of you may know, I’ve been selected by @wearecultivator who’s partnered with @Nike to design a shoe collection that will be live 10/15-10/21. Cultivator gives the opportunity to creatives to showcase what they’re about and gives the world a sneak peak into our lives. I’ve had the opportunity to create 2 shoes based on where I’m from & astrology with the collection name “Keep ‘em SHOOK”

Instead of keeping the money from sales, I’ve decided to donate all proceeds to the Self-Care Foundation because it’s such an important factor in our lives to try & stay sane as possible. It’s something we don’t really focus on that needs a lot of attention. 

My collection is called Keep ‘em SHOOK, featuring the 661s & Neptune. The 661s are focused on where I come from... the far away desert in the Antelope Valley. The colorway is green for being surrounded by Joshua Trees, gum bottom sole to match the dust & orange swoosh for the Monarche Butterly (life beyond the desert). 

Neptune is based simply off my astrology sign, Pisces. I’m a true believer in astrology, not saying it’s perfect or the way of life but the similarities in people are insane. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac which features the moods of every sign all into us. That makes Pisces very caring and understanding. Pisces is also ruled by Neptune, “The God Of The Sea” hence the blue colorways. I wanted to add the neon to offset the blue in a random way (mystic). 


“Golden Hour” with @ikeyiashanee

Sexy and the city, standing tall looking pretty. Got the glow of the sun with the orange rays beaming. The city is mine, cheers to California dreaming 🥂


Model: Ikeyia LeBlanc @ikeyiashanee

Photographed by Dior Anderson

Styled: Bree California @breacalifornia_

Alien Girl

Alien girl, babygirl.. you’re out of this world & that’s ok. Your vibrations travel higher than most can reach. They crave your energy, but not all deserve it. Alien girl, babygirl... you’re out of this world & that’s ok. Never dim your power for anyone. Outer space, out of mind, out of sight.. you were created just right.  

Self portrait series shot on film 👽


The Garden of Secrets

The secret in the garden, lies a woman like a rose. The beauty of the calm.. but will catch you like a thorn. The woman like the rose, blossoming on her own. Gracing life unapologetically.. embracing what’s her. The woman like the rose, he loves you. 

Model: Ariane McMillion  @arianeallure

Shot on film by Dior Anderson

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